Monday, 8 April 2013

why amazon affiliates?

There are a number of pros that make Amazon affiliates a first choice for for the average blogger seeking to earn from blogging. However, I'll request you to allow me to just consider a few.

1. Wide Array of Products
The Amazon store is probably one of the largest and has a breadth of products on offer. This is a great thing because you get to choose what to blog about from a wide range of topics plus it increases the chances of the people you refer buying more products hence earning you more commissions.

 2. Payment Options – Amazon pays their affiliates in a number of ways. One of the things that I like is that they give you the option to be paid in products instead of cash. This makes it easy to get prizes for blog readers where the prize can be paid for out of your affiliate earnings.

3. Commissions – Amazon will initially offer a 4% commission for your referrals. 4% isn’t that much when you’re selling a $10 item, however when you’re selling a Get a Price on the $50 Camera or a $5,000 Tractor  it certainly adds up. The 4% rate  is the base rate.  By selling more than 6 items in a month, your commission goes to 6% – by selling over 630 you’re up to 8% .

Finally, maybe the most important one is that;
4. Amazon is a trusted Brand – Amazon comes up as number 1 as the most popular shopping destination . Readers know Amazon and are familiar with it – they trust it and do spend significant money there.

With this information, you might just consider shopping or signing up at  Amazon

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