Monday, 8 April 2013

how to make money online with sfi

If you answered yes, then do what I do!
Keep it simple, and follow this plan!
SFI Ultra Basic 3 Step Plan.

1. Become an EA and remain an EA every month.
This means earn at least 1500 Versa points each month. There are different ways to do that.
One of the best ways to do that is put in an standing order for 100TCredits each month. That is worth 1200VP. Log in every day to earn your daily VP, and do the weekly actions, and you will earn over 450VP, making you an EA with no problem.

2. Recruit 5 others each month to follow you.

3. Teach them step 1, then step 2. Then teach them to do the same things for their recruits.

BUT......If you can't afford much money to start, then ask yourself one question!

Can you afford $2US per month?

Then start with the SFI Profit Plan. START SMALL....AND GROW BIG!

Just replace step 1 above with this step.

1. Setup a standing order for 1 Tcredit. It costs $1.99.

Steps 2 and 3 are the same.

If you find 5 people to do the same thing, you will have a profit. The more people you find, the more profit you will make.

Then, when you reach a point where you are getting $30 US profit, you can start to be an EA.

For each person you sponsor that does the same thing, and sets up a standing order for $1.99 you earn $0.61 commission. For every 5, that is $3.05. That would cover your cost right there.
And you make $1.06 profit.

Don't put off to tomorrow what you should be doing today to build your SFI business! For that reason, Advertise, advertise & advertise

NB. When it comes to buying triple click packs, do NOT buy a pack of 200 TC's. It will cost you $58 and you will receive 1661 VP's. Rather buy 2 x 100 TC's at $29 each. It will also cost you $58, but you will get 2 x 1200 (2400) VP's.

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