Saturday, 4 May 2013

How to add an amazon store to blogger

This is a simplified guide to adding amazon store to your blog. You do not need to be an expert in programming to start selling amazon products on your blog. One thing I love about Google’s blogger is the ease with which you get to modify it’s template to suit your taste-quite convenient for those like me who have a problem understanding the HTML code but still have good content to share. Blogger allows you to add up to ten stand alone pages to your blog. In this post, I will give you directions on how to add an amazon store page to your blog and start selling to millions of customers online.

1. The first thing you will need to do is to create a merchant/publisher account with amazon. After this, enroll as an amazon associate.

2. In this step you'll need to choose a tracking ID for your store. This is a unique name Amazon can use to identify your store and make sure you get credit for sales that occur on it.This will give you a unique link through which you can sell amazon products and earn commissions from doing so.

3.You've now created a new store and it's time to customize it. You customize your aStore by choosing the types of products you want to display on your store by category and keywords. For example: If I want to display only Easton brand baseball bats I would drill down in the sports category to display bats which only contain the word Easton in the product description.

4. After choosing the products you want to display on your store you can customize the look and feel. You can choose from one of Amazon's custom themes or change to your own custom fonts and colors. You can even provide a custom logo in your header by entering the URL of your image into the field provided.

5. Choose which widgets you'd like to display in the sidebar of your store. This ranges from things like similar items, to custom Amazon wish lists etc. The idea behind these widgets is to help your shoppers find more items to purchase.

6.  Click the button labeled "Finish and Get Link". On the next page click on the radio button labeled "Embed my store using an inline frame." The code you'll need to add to your website will be displayed in the field below. Copy it to your clipboard by selecting it, right clicking, and choosing copy.

5. After that, log in to your blogger account and on the blogger inter-phase, click on ‘’Pages’’. This will display your current pages and an option to add a ‘’new page’’. Click on the ‘’new page’’ link and then on ‘’blank page’’. This will bring up a page editor where you can add some content for your page. Paste the store HTML code from amazon and paste it on your new page on blogger. On the right hand side of the page editor, click on ‘’Options’’ and select ‘’Translate HTML’’. Your page is now ready. At the top right hand side of the editor, click the ‘’Publish’’ link. Your store will now start displaying on the TABS bar on your blog and your visitors will be able to see your products.

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  1. Nice post Mike. I'm fairly new to Blogger and want to run an e-store on my blog at some point so will follow your easy-to-read tips on doing this. Thanks for posting, Jane :-)